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The final battle: Plasma vs LCD vs LED in 60 inch tv choice!

Choosing a new TV gets harder with every new technology launched in the digital era. This review will finally answer the question what displaying technology will do better for you! So Plasma vs LCD vs LED on really big 60 inch tv!

Starting this review it is worth mentioning that for comparison of the displaying technologies we have chosen the largest TV viewing area being the 60 inch tv. Why? The answer is quite simple. This area of viewing is quite enough to make all the drawbacks of the tv performance visible and irritating. When it comes to TV choice many consider the displaying technology being the prime factor of choice. Is that really so? Yes. The technology put in a super slim box is in charge of the quality of the picture you will get on the screen.

LCD stands for liquid crystals display TV in which the technology of selective filtering of white light is used. At the back end of such type of displays a set of cold cathode fluorescent lamps providing the light is placed. The major advantages of this type of TVs are energy efficiency (the LCDs consume less energy than other representatives of flat screen army), extreme contrast and brightness with no color fading. At once the LCD TVs perform the next disadvantages as low responding and refreshing rate, in some TVs consumers notice frequent pixel failure, low angle of viewing (the LCD tv is better to watch at the very center).

sharp led tv

LED TVs are the same LCD TVs however using the black light (LED – light emitting diode) instead of the cold cathode fluorescent backlight. The LED technology performs many advantages over other popular displaying technologies of reduced energy consumption, brighter coloring, the most rapid response to the changes of the scene on the display and the most accurate image rendering. LED TVs are extremely thin, produce less environmental pollution, have longer lifetime, operate cooler. Among other advantages you will find better contrast than LCD tv provides, more accurate coloring (LED tvs provide deeper coloring making them watch true and real).

Samsung 60 inch smart tv

Plasma stands for Plasma Display Panel (PDP) performing a flat display tv type. The plasma name is commonly used for the technology of using small cells with electrically charged ionized gases. Plasma TVs perform a range of advantages being extreme contrast ratio and deeper colors performance, extreme wide viewing angels (so you can enjoy viewing the scene from different angles and the image will not be degraded of the angle change). However this type of TVs performs sufficient drawbacks during operation which are energy consumption, low quality radio channels broadcasting. Some people notice shimmering or flickering effect.

However how this information should affect your choice of a 60 inch tv? When choosing your best really large tv you should realize that this size will make all the faults of each technology evident. In a while you will get irritated by the noticing of the drawbacks. However if you make the right choice you will enjoy the best quality moving pictures!

  • Plasma will do better for a well lit space as the colors will not fade in bright light!
  • Plasma does also better for in color transferring.
  • LCD with local dimming does better than of those TVs without the feature.

Though the display technology is one of the most important features defining the tv choice but is not the only one. You should also consider other features you may like your new tv to poses. These are smart technology (being internet integration in your set), 3D option giving you a chance to enjoy the best movies released in 3D or challenging your psyche with 3D gaming on the largest flat screen you have ever possessed. You should also consider the connectivity option (though many outputs have been dwindled to one output type HDMI with which most of new gadgets are now equipped! But USB and SD cards slot options will also do well.

This means that a choice of a 60 inch tv you should not be based just on displaying technology!

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